As soon as Sage Line 50 and ACT! were installed, it was clear they were going to make things so much easier.
We can now quickly generate the quote reports we need, easily keep sales details up-to date, set up groups of contacts or suppliers, schedule work effectively – the accounts side of the business has become so much more efficient.
‘It’s very easy to get to grips with and easy to use. We’re still discovering different things we can do with it, and as we grow we’ll use it more and more.’
Tony Gresty
ASG Services

“I have over the last 6 years put Chris into many accounts for the purposes of Sage and ACT installation, support and training.
To this day I still continue to recommend Chris as an ideal partner for Sage and ACT and have no hesitation in doing so”
Andrew Rosamond
CARA Technology

“We have known Chris for many years and bought the ACT software from him to manage our sales pipeline. Chris not only sold us the product but has taken the time to help us use it and made our contact management very effective.
Some of our sales have a very long gestation and last year we chased a deal using the diary management function and 11 months after the initial enquiry we got a sale worth £25,895. ACT reminded us every month to keep in touch and showed the customer we were professional and keen to do business.
We measure every spend based on Return on Investment (ROI) and this product has given us 5000% or better down the years.”
Kevin Betts
Managing Director
Econoclean System Ltd