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ACT! Version 2009/2010 Standard & Premium
Date February 2010
Reference 2010-2-005


Many users prefer to use the keybard to perform functions rather than the mouse. When you use menu options the program displays any associated shortcuts. (Fig 1)


Fig 1

Make a note of these and use them in future instead of the mouse driven menu options.

You can also create your own shortcuts from the “ToolsCustomiseMenus and Toolbars” menu option. Choose the “Keyboard” tab on the “Customise Menus and Toolbars” program screen and choose the main menu items to see a list of all the sub-menu options. Any with existing shortcuts assigned to them will be shown but any blank items can have your own custom defined shortcuts attached. Any shortcut combination you choose that is already assigned to another function will be shown in the “Shortcut key currently assigned to:” box. (Fig 2).




Fig 2

You can also create your own custom commands and assign shortcuts to these. (For more information on this contact Ceetec Solutions Ltd.
Try it yourself. I hope you find it useful.