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ACT! Version 2009/2010 Standard & Premium
Date February 2010
Reference 2010-2-007


Many customers have asked me about the “Salutation” field and what it is used for. Basically, “Salutation” is what appears immediately after “Dear” at the beginning of a letter.

As you enter your contact data it is particularly important to pay close attention to what appears in this field. By default it will be the contact’s first name (in certain situations such double barreled names you will be presented with a dialogue box to help you choose the correct option) However ACT! is flexible enough to allow the more formal option , namely, Mr “Surname”. Whichever method you use be mindful that this is what will appear at the start of a letter when you use the ACT! mail merge features.

ACT! let’s you choose the format you wish to use. The “Rule of Thumb” here is to pick the option that is most common and then deal with any exceptions manually.

To set your Salutation preferences choose the “Tools/Preferences/Salutation Preferences” menu option.


Try it yourself. I hope you find it useful.